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Get Your Kids Off The Couch

A fun variety of facilities and services are at your fingertips to help you get your kids off the couch. Browse our website to find the best activities and places to keep your kids active and healthy.

Gymnastics Instruction

When your child expresses interest in gymnastics or tumbling classes, be sure to embrace it and you will keep your child happy and full of life. A great selection of facilities can be found near you.

Karate Lessons

A great way for your child to learn discipline and respect is by participating in karate or martial arts. Search qualified facilities offering karate lessons in your area to get your child started today!

Dance Classes

One of the best ways for a child to express themselves is through dance. Let your children grow and have fun by enrolling them in a class at a nearby dance studio you find on

Tutoring Centers

In addition to these activities, you can help your child succeed and excel in school by finding a tutoring center among our qualified selection of facilities. Get Your Kids Off The Couch is an association of independent facilities dedicated to the highest quality service standards. continually evaluates service standards, reputation and integrity in order to retain only the highest quality providers that you can trust.

Music Lessons

John A. Logan once said "music is the medicine of the mind". Incorporating music into your children's lives early offers countless benefits that go beyond technicality, such as building self-esteem, providing them with an expressive outlet, and more. We list a wide variety of musical enrichment facilities for drum lessons, qualified vocal coaches, acoustic guitar lessons, and more.

Swim Lessons

Swimming is an important skill that your child should begin learning at an early age. It will offer endless fun through water activities while teaching them about water safety and responsibility. Swim lessons are offered for all ages from infant to teens. Enrolling your child with a qualified instructor will make learning to swim an enjoyable experience.



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