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We are making it easier to find the right activities for your child in your area. Trying to use the internet to find Gymnastics Clubs, Music Lessons, Dance Studios, Tutoring Centers, Karate and Martial Arts Programs can sometimes be a cumbersome process. Our program eliminates the difficulty in finding the best activities for your kids by placing them in one central location on the web and allowing you to narrow your search results by zip code. Getting kids being involved in activities is so important and we want it to be as easy as possible to find the right ones for your child. Don't let your kids miss out. Click Here to Search Your Area.

All I was hearing wass, Mom, "I'm bored" or "There's nothing to do". I now found the key and it is www.getyourkidsoff Now my kids are taking part in activities that engage their bodies and their brains!". Your key is just a few clicks away.

"I didn't want my kids to get left behind in today's world! I wanted to give them an advantage in life! is helping my kids mantain longer attention spans, develop greater communication and problem-solving skills, boost self esteem and skyrocket their confidence, all while having fun".

"My kids are full of energy and excited about learning new skills. They're happier at home and school, plus they're making new friends. Isn't it time to get your kids off the couch? They'll thank you for it!"
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Brian Foster

My name is Brian Foster and I would like to share a few details about our business. I'm not trying to impress you, but I do hope to inspire you to join in our success. In 2002, my wife Becky and I, along with our business partner Cassie Davis, opened the Stars & Stripes Gymnastics Academy from nothing more than an idea. We started with one facility, in Clarkston, MI, and in just five short years we expanded our business to include several kids' activity centers that serve thousands of students and enjoy millions of dollars in revenue.

We've been going strong for nearly a decade now and, most recently, we built a brand new facility from the ground up, to house the Stars and Stripes Kids Activity center. Check us out at . Our center is proud to offer Competitive Gymnastics, Pre-School Gymnastics, Recreational Gymnastics, Prep-Optional Gymnastics, Toddler-Tots programs, All Star Cheer, Summer Camps, Clinics and much more!

We are now in year 8 of this amazing journey, and we've taken on a new mission. We're creating a marketing team of businesses that work with kids. Our goal is to connect and market recreational and educational kid's activities from one central location on the web.

When we link together with one simple, radius based search, we work as a team to ensure that everyone's business grows. We also offer value to our communities by getting the word out about local classes and educational opportunities for kids. Just imagine what a powerful tool a website would be that gives parents instant access to the best local tutors, gymnastics classes, dance studios, swimming lessons, karate schools, cheerleading and much more, all in one central location, no matter where they live.

How do we know what your center needs?

We have our own center just like you!

We know that the art of marketing gymnastics, cheerleading, karate, tutoring, swimming, dance and all kids based activities is unique. We have mastered the technique of getting more students quickly and cost effectively, and we can help you do the same.

Since we have an actual facility to test our concepts before they are implemented nationally, you reap the benefits of our hard work by only being involved in a marketing campaign that has been proven to get big results. We have taken the risk right out of the equation.

Movers and Shakers!

We are continuing our mission to find the newest and best strategies to improve your business. We're working with movers and shakers from around the country to research strategies that will help us all grow our businesses together.

If you still haven't taken a good, close look at the program, you've been missing out on the most innovative, automated and effective marketing platform for the kids' activities industry. It's a program that's been working miracles for us, and we know it will work for you too!

We are going to keep you in the loop with things that have been working for us by sending you a regular newsletter. The newsletter is only available to members of, so it's kind of like an extra bonus for joining us! We have so many ideas that have worked for us that you're sure to find one or two that you like. When you find one that interests you, feel free to use it and watch your business grow! We'll be showing how to increase sales, save on services you're already using, and keep your customers happier than they've ever been. I'm hoping that, even if you only use some of our ideas, you'll be able to offset the already low cost of the program and increase your profits even more.

Like any center, we needed to find a marketing system that could manage and automate the whole marketing process without any increased labor costs. We've tested it, tweaked it, and found success time and time again with several facilities and dozens of kids' programs.

When other companies saw the success we had been enjoying for nearly a decade, they wanted to know how they could get involved, too. That's when we knew it was time to get started on marketing our unique program. Other centers have been beating down our door wanting to know how they could jump on board, but at this stage we are only inviting a few, industry leading centers to join us. I proudly introduce to you

The proper use of technology can simplify and automate complex, unique and costly business processes, which leads to decreased costs and increased profits. We know your time is precious, and we'd like you to be able to focus it on the most value added processes of your business while letting technology automate the rest.

Do you know why some facilities prosper and grow while others struggle year after year? I have discovered that there are several distinguishing factors between facilities.

If you do not have a live person answering the phone, for as many hours a day as possible, you are losing business in staggering numbers. Most of your prospective customers are very busy and you only have a moment to impress them. If there's not a living, breathing, friendly person there to answer the call, you've lost before you even began.

The business that you are losing is the difference between profitability and breaking even. If your overhead remains constant whether your classes are at 50% capacity or 100% full, it would be a safe assumption that increasing your enrollment by a measly 10% would result in a lot more profit for you. If you wanted to raise your revenue by 10% you could also raise your prices, fill your classes, or both.

The most valuable source of new customers is word of mouth business. It only makes sense that if your prospective customers need to make contact with you to become actual customers, it would be in your best interest to create the path of least resistance to your business by taking the time to answer the phone.

You may think that a prospective customer will leave you a message, but chances are, they won't. A lot of them will either call a competitor that can give them the instant gratification of signing up right now, or they make plans to call you again in the future.if they remember who they called in the first place.

Even if you're lucky enough to get a second chance, you've already lost valuable time; and if you think about it, selling time is really what your business is all about. If one prospective customer waits a week to enroll because nobody was there to answer the phone, you've lost a week of potential revenue. You're also left wondering how many others there were that never even called back. So, how much more money do you think your business would bring in, just by having a live person answering the phones?

You need to think of all of the ways that a prospective customer might become an actual customer, and make sure you have all of the bases covered. Now that you're manning the phones, let's take a look at your other means of communication. If your prospective customer goes to the internet, what will they find? Have you created the path of least resistance to contact you through your website?

In this electronic age, it's crucial that a prospective customer can find answers for all of their questions on your website. It may surprise you to learn that a lot of prospective customers will be visiting your website after hours. Many people even search the internet before they make a single phone call. It's your job to keep your website up to date. If a prospective customer finds nothing but out of date information on your site, you've wasted their time and put up a barrier between them and your company.

Consumers have moved toward a need for immediate gratification and this is evident by the number of stores that now stay open 24/7. The impulse purchase offerings at supermarket check-out counters have also grown exponentially in recent years. Our society has been programmed to expect immediate gratification and if your company doesn't provide it, you can be sure your potential clients will find someone who does.

Most successful businesses are fueled by word of mouth and it's up to you be as accessible as possible when new business comes to call. The difficult part is creating a cost effective path that leads right to your door. The goal of is to take on the task of creating that path. By our collective power to dominate the internet search engines, your company will be easier to find and easier to contact then you would have ever thought possible. The easier it is to contact you the more customers your business will have. It's as simple as that.

We have created a comprehensive web optimization program that is completely automatic and it's working as you are read this letter. It's powerful because it's powered by multiple businesses and we all share in the cost. This technology would be cost prohibitive for any one small business to take on alone, but as they say, there's power in numbers! When we all work together, everyone wins!

"Brian Foster is a student of this industry and is always innovating and creating new ways to further our sport and our bottom line. His knowledge of cutting edge marketing techniques and business practices makes him a stand-out in the Kid's Activity Centers industry. I trust Brian and have faith in his abilities."
Patti Komara's Tumblebear Gym Program
Patti's All-American

"Brian is a great marketer and he knows business. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss. I have watched as a mother of five as he has grown his own business above any of his competition. Then I served on a school committee where his expertise helped improve our school enrollment. Now as a business owner I use his business as a model (that he shared freely) to grow my own college advising business."

I would pay money to have Brian on my team.
Lynette Bennett, MBA
Schollegiate College Advisors

Town Planner
Brian Foster Testimonial Letter

"I opened Troy Gymnastics Inc. 5 years ago. We are now one of the largest gymnastics facilities in the state. I don't know where I would be without the help of Brian Foster. Although I went to business school, and was in the work force for almost 20 years, I had never owned a business. I also was new to gymnastics. I had several people who mentored me, but, Brian was by far the most open, honest and helpful. We met thru a friend, and, from the beginning, Brian was incredibly supportive. Over the past several years, we talk regularly. We bounce business ideas off of one another. Occasionally, we don't agree, but he is always positive, wise and provides positive feedback - every time! I feel like I am a pretty darn good business man, but, know Brian is much more schooled/smart than I on this sport and most general business aspects. Brian has become a very good friend, is very much an innovator, and someone I look forward to speak with anytime. He is easily my largest mentor in this endeavor and I would run into battle with him on virtually any subject."

Toby Buechner
Troy Gymnastics Owner
1600 West Maple Ave
Troy, MI 48084

"Brian Foster spawns outrageously innovative ideas and, most importantly, Brian delivers! I support Brian and this endeavor 100%!"

Randy Sikora,
Twister Gymnastics, Boca Raton, FL

"Brian Foster is one of the most passionate and capable individuals in the children's activities and fitness industry. When we were first starting our school his advice and guidance was invaluable to our progress. Brian's input became a central pillar that we built our marketing program around. He generously and enthusiastically shared all of the knowledge he had at his disposal, taking the time to make sure he thoroughly answered all of our questions and more. He is meticulous and precise in his his analysis and understanding of the field as a whole, as well as the impact the recreation industry has on families and their kids. His success is a testament to the passion he has for his work, a passion that is only equaled by his desire to help others find the same success. He is wonderful to work with and a true pioneer in the industry. Our school would not be here today without the support and knowledge he freely shared."

Rob B'Yas, Ross Winkler, & Brennan Haase - Directors, Ann Arbor College of Martial Arts

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